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What is coach?

World-class vessel performance monitoring

COACH is a vessel performance monitoring system that provides the ship operator with voyage observation and analysis on hull, propeller and engine efficiencies.  In order to optimize energy consumption, COACH keeps the operator updated during and upon completion of the voyage.

The reporting and communication is kept simple with unified noon reporting and energy deviation alerts from the vessels. Ultimately, COACH can contribute to optimizing the fleet portfolio by identifying fuel-efficient designs and over-consuming vessels.

In short COACH is:

  • A software based tool that requires no hardware installations, and has been successfully installed on more than 325 vessels worldwide
  • A fleet management tool that supports AIS based tracking and takes care of all reporting conducted from vessel to office
  • A great integrated solution for fuel consumption savings and performance optimization, as well as for minimizing the ship's environmental footprint

Find a more detailed description of COACH here

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