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Performance Management
COACH assists operations and technical departments by analyzing the hull, propeller and engine efficiencies, and by monitoring the energy production onboard the vessel. Hull fouling is the largest contributor to excess fuel consumption. COACH helps in identifying fouling and quantifying the resulting speed loss and excess consumption. It also enables technical departments to reduce fuel consumption onboard by analyzing the main engine performance and monitoring the auxiliary consumption onboard the vessel. COACH combines both weather data from the Danish Meteorological Institute as well as data reported from the vessels.

COACH enables the ship operator to track excess consumption on a fleet level, or in vessel group, with an extensive vessel-to-vessel comparison analysis. The eco speed calculator, which is included in the COACH online module, calculates the most efficient speed based either on the vessel’s current performance, or on the newbuilding performance. The eco speed calculator is user-friendly and requires little input - such as fuel costs, time charter equivalent and voyage distance.

Electrical Load Trend
COACH also tracks the energy consumption of all large consumers onboard. This makes it possible to optimize domestic power usage both during sea passage as well as during port stays by keeping track on the vessels' baseload and energy consumption.

COACH offers the ship operator fully individual advisory on their reports. This means that our vessel performance analysts will go through the monthly performance reports together with the ship operator in order to deliver best possible support for performance related decisions. COACH is your trusted advisor and confidant. 

AIS Tracking Service 
COACH offers the opportunity to track an entire fleet using the Automatic Identification System (AIS) signal. COACH AIS enables the ship operator to have a real-time overview of the exact fleet positions. With it operators can trace fuel consumption and oversee the fuel stock onboard as well as ETA, weather information etc.

Engine Performance 
The COACH engine performance package helps ship operators in monitoring the condition and fuel consumption of the vessel's auxiliary and main engines with data from noon report and the specialized COACH engine report. Learn more about how engine monitoring with COACH works in practice here.

Fuel Stock Deviations 
COACH provides an advanced fuel stock module to keep track on the ship's bunkering and fuel consumption. It shows all occurring deviations in consumptions and makes it easy to compare the individual vessels. Take a look at the difference fuel stock monitoring can make here.

COACH Reporting
COACH Onboard enables the ship operator to carry out all relevant reports in one single program. The comprehensive COACH reporting tool reports on all matters such as cargo operations, weather etc. Furthermore, COACH Onboard offers the possibility to add client specific reporting fields. This means that the client can unify all ship-to-shore reporting in one program. COACH Onboard can export data to any third party service provider. Learn more about the potential impact of comprehensive reporting here.

Ad hoc services
If any irregularities are discovered during the review of a client's monthly COACH report, our vessel performance analyst can perform a thorough analysis where we meticulously go through the reported data and produce a comprehensive report for the client. The experienced COACH team stands ready to assist the clients with any challenge they may have.

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